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"Bottleship", the magazine of the European Association of Ships in Bottles is published four times a year and is full of articles and photographs about ships in bottles, as well as members' letters, hints and construction notes. The cover pages and a number of inside pages, featuring members' photographs, are printed in each edition in full colour.


There are no additional joining fees.  Your annual subscription will give you four copies of the 'BOTTLESHIP' magazine, and unlimited access to the pool of knowledge built up by our Members over more than a quarter of a century.  Subscriptions are due 1 January each year.  Members joining during the year are sent all issues currently in print for the year, to ensure a complete set.

Please pay by STERLING CHEQUE, INTERNATIONAL POSTAL/MONEY ORDER IN STERLING ONLY, or ANY FOREIGN PAPER CURRENCY sent by Registered Post.  PLEASE MAKE CHEQUES etc PAYABLE TO E.A.S.I.B. and sent to Pat Labistour, the Membership Secretary,  5, Kingfisher Way, COTTENHAM, Cambridge, CB248XN, England.  OR   if you wish,  PAY  DIRECT into our E.A.S.I.B. Alliance and Leicester Account 72 00 04 75493486.  Bank number for overseas payments into Alliance and Leicester is GIR BGB22GB90GIRB 72 00 04 75493486.   Alternatively, you can use the PayPal method, using the Membership Secretary's e-mail address

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