The European Association of Ships in Bottles

The European Association of Ships in Bottles is a non-profit making organisation which was formed nearly 30 years ago.  Its appeal is to anyone fascinated by the intriguing art of bottling ships, figures, trucks, planes, dioramas and puzzles of various kinds, and anyone with an interest in maritime arts and crafts. Currently there are about 160 members, mainly from the UK and Holland but there is also a large umber from  eighteen other countries world-wide.


Membership is open to everyone, whether you are a collector, a novice, a seasoned maker, or just interested in this fascinating branch of maritime art. So, if you think you would like to learn how to put a ship in a bottle, then the European Association of Ships in Bottles is for you!


*To keep alive the traditional craft of making ships in bottles.

*To provide a forum for new ideas and techniques.

*To pass on techniques and experience to a new generation of ship bottlers.

*To promote friendship across the seas and keep our Members in touch with one another.

*To keep Members up to date with what is happening in the world of ship bottling.

 HMS Prince 1670 by Juan Rodriguez del Bario


*A quarterly magazine, 'Bottleship' , (A4 format, full colour cover, 28 pages) covering all aspects of this absorbing hobby. Richly illustrated with plans, features, and articles of interest to the novice and experienced modeller alike.

*Encouragement for you to contribute articles and photographs for publication.

*The opportunity for you to attend International Conferences, exhibit your work in award-winning competitions for all standards, meet fellow Members and make new friends.

*Access to the Association's archives.

†††† *Help through our network of experienced modellers and collectors via the Letters page.